About JOEF

About Us

The James Ogunbor Education Foundation (JOEF) was founded in 2009 by Ogunbor Odegua Florence and David Nodu (Late) in Nigeria. It was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria with the registration number RC: 43700 as a Non -Governmental Organization with a Mission to provide opportunities in education to children and youth in Africa. In our Vision we see an Africa that is empowered with the knowledge for sustainable development.

Brief History

JOEF is named after the man James Ebhota Ogunbor (Late) who lived his life as an educationist and philanthropist. During his life time James Ogunbor was a senior staff at the University of Benin, Nigeria. He was a man who had an extraordinary love and interest in education; always providing assistance (financially and advisory) for people around him to meet their educational needs. In order to continue to fulfill his love for education on earth, the James Ogunbor Education Foundation (JOEF) was formed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for children and youth in Africa.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is built around our core values and the motive is to ensure the consistent actualization of our mission through implementing Our Programs.

Our Core Values

The acronym of the Cores Values of JOEF is H.E.L.P. It amplifies "why we exist" as a Non-Governmental Organization.
H‐ Stands for "HOPE" – which represents our passion to be a pillar of Hope to the children and youths in Africa in the area of Education. We exist to restore the lost dreams for educational empowerment in Africa.

E‐ Stands for "EXCELLENCE" – We are poised to provide the African community with effective programs that will offer opportunities for excellence and success in the educational careers of our children and youth.

L‐ Stands for "LOVE" – This is the very heart beat of our organization. Our intentions are simply for the Love of Humanity.

P‐ Stands for "PASSION" – This dream is not just a mission but an addiction to humanity. It is our passion that fuels this commitment.