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Science For Change (SFC) Initiative

The Science for Change (SFC) Initiative provides an opportunity for children who would like to major in sciences from public secondary schools in Africa to attend FREE after school lectures only in Science Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English language.

Children who are selected for this program are basically those whose parents are unable to afford after school classes and who have demonstrated keen interest in developing their knowledge of science subjects and building future careers in the areas of science, engineering and technology.

The overall aim of this program is to ensure that all registered students successfully score good grades in all science subjects registered at the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) which is relevant for their ability to gain admission into higher institutions. The program is sponsored by an unanimous Nigerian philanthropist.

List of Current (2017/2018) SFC Students

List of 2016/2017 SFC Students

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Engineering and Technology Innovation Programs for Girls

The Engineering and Technology Innovation Program for Girls (ETIPG) is that which focuses on promoting more female participation in engineering and technology. Young girls in both primary and secondary schools in Africa are being reached through various initiatives under this program. The overall goal is to successfully impact at least 500 girls per year with our initiatives to promote engineering and technology among girls across Africa. Our past Initiatives for the ETIPG include: Recently concluded Technology Workshop for Girls titled: Introduction to Computer Programming, where we partnered with the Engineering Information Foundation (EiF), New York, Also in 2015, we partnered with the Society of Women Engineers Science and Engineering Practical Competition for Girls; where in 2015, we partnered with (SWE) and Kriskollins Pest Control to reach 200 girls from secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria through a project that entailed building and presentations of various scientific innovations related to engineering by female student representatives from seven different schools. In 2012, JOEF collaborated with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) to host the project titled: Develop and Discover Girls Innovating with Engineering, a project that involved enlightening primary school girls in Lagos about the Engineering profession, through engaging them in simple engineering related activities. View our Photo Gallery for images from this program.
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Strengthening Libraries and School Facilities for public schools in Africa (SLSF)

The Program: Strengthening libraries and School Facilities for Public Schools in Africa is aimed at enhancing the quality of education being received by children from African public primary and secondary schools. Majority of these schools lack basic facilities you find in standard schools such as: Well-equipped computer or ICT laboratories, well equipped libraries, Marker boards (Many public schools are still using obsolete chalk boards), Science laboratories, Classroom Furniture (Many children in Africa still sit on the floor to receive classes), etc. The SLSF program is to ensure that these basic amenities are available at public schools in order to create an avenue for children who attend these schools to gain quality education.

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